Addictions Treatment

Substance abuse impacts almost every family in the United States.

img_0297-webWhether it’s the spouse with alcoholism, the nephew addicted to opiates, a close friend that struggles with pornography addiction or your employee with a gambling problem, the pain of addiction is experienced daily by many individuals. As an addiction counselor and EAP counselor, Bob has more than 18 years of experience in assisting many individuals to begin their journey into recovery and helping families to heal from the pain of addiction. Bob has combined his knowledge as an addiction counselor and experience with co-occurring disorders to create a compassionate and solution-oriented approach to addictions treatment.

Addictions Treatment

Over the years, Bob has conducted numerous evaluations and assessments on individuals who struggle with some form of addiction. Bob collaborates with the client and their support system to tailor a treatment plan that will maximize the client’s opportunity to begin a new life in recovery. Evaluations include an extensive bio-psycho-social assessment, in-depth addictions history, drug screen, information from family members and other professionals. Written reports and communications are available to lawyers, school districts and employers when authorized by the client. Bob refers to many of the most highly regarded rehabilitation centers in the country as well as coordinates treatment services with county and state funded programs.

Bob provides therapy to individuals in the early stages of recovery as well as clients who have long term recovery. Clients are viewed from the stages of change approach which assists Bob to motivate the reluctant individual or support and affirm the client who is actively working to recover from their addiction. A variety of referral resources to include self-help programs will be recommended to assist the individual and their families with their recovery journey. Bob’s extensive experience as an addictions counselor has afforded him the joy of watching the miracle of recovery occur within many families.

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