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How To Avoid Resentments and Reduce Relational Conflicts

Do the holidays create stress for you? During this time of the year, numerous and diverse ethnic and religions communities celebrate their own special holidays. For many of these groups, the holidays are a celebration to be shared with family

Improving Your Mood Through the Impact of Seasonal Changes

Do seasonal changes impact your mood?  It is that time of the year when the days become shorter, the leaves change colors and blanket the ground. The bright colors of the summer give way to more subdued shades of orange,

What’s Your Change History?

Some individuals view therapy as a way to create meaningful changes in their lives. We want to foster these changes to improve our relationships as well as our emotional and physical well-being. Change is difficult and very fearful for many

How To Have Healthy Limits and Boundaries for the Holiday Season

The holiday season for many individuals is a time for gatherings of friends and family, sharing of gifts and creating memorable moments. Although for many others, it is a time of isolation, stress and emotional pain. The commercialization of the