Issues and Challenges

Bob has worked in several behavioral health care facilities in Mercer and Philadelphia counties with a focus on relational issues, mood disorders, anxiety and trauma.

img_0560-webWhile working in one of the oldest outpatient treatment centers, Bob worked with adolescents, adults, couples and families impacted by a wide spectrum of psychological issues and emotional challenges to include sexual abuse trauma and co-occurring disorders. Bob utilizes a collaborative approach with a variety of clinical interventions. These approaches include acceptance commitment therapy, cognitive and behavioral techniques. Bob’s approach is from a systemic view, which assists individuals in gaining insight into their personal struggles. These struggles often limit their ability to achieve their personal goals and dreams. Clients are encouraged to use their strengths, assets and support system to create meaningful changes in their life.

Couples and Family Therapy

Couples and families are approached from a systemic perspective. Very often one individual within the couple or family is viewed as being the problem in the relationship.  Bob will assist the couple or family to change their perception of the problem as being centered with one individual to a systemic viewpoint of the relational challenges. Exploring and identifying family patterns over multiple family generations will highlight those behaviors, which are creating relational conflict. Bob will assist the family to change how they communicate and relate to each other. Through these changes, family members will strengthen their relationships and help each other to heal.