Privacy Policy

Social Media Policy:
Social media is used to deliver services in this practice and my office policies on social media are outlined below. Social media includes online communications to seek and share information, provide professional services, and send and receive information. Examples include emails, texting, blogging, Facebook, and Twitter. Please note that social media may not protect your privacy and is considered public communication. The use of it to provide services is only done with your approval.  Examples include but are not limited to the following:

Texting: I do not respond to mobile phone text messages (SMS) except to confirm or reschedule an appointment. Please do not text me any clinical information. This type of communication can compromise confidentiality. Also, do not use texting to indicate an emergency and crisis, you should immediately go to the nearest hospital or contact a mobile crisis center.

Emails: Emails are used only for scheduling or cancelling an appointment and it must be from your personal email account only. Do not email content related to therapy sessions because such communication may not be secure nor confidential. Nor should you use emails for emergencies and crisis because I have limited business hours in which I check my emails. Please go to the nearest hospital or contact a mobile crisis center.

Friends: Friends or contact requests from current or former clients on social networking sites may compromise confidentiality and our therapeutic relationship and are not accepted. There will be no friending via social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. If there is content you wish to share with me from your social media site, bring it to a psychotherapy session for discussion.

Tweets/Blogs: I do not follow current clients or former clients on twitter nor blogs. Doing so may negatively influence our therapeutic relationship. If there is content you wish to share with me from your online site, you may bring it to our next session for discussion.

Location-Based Services: There are privacy concerns related to location based services on a mobile phone. If you have GPS tracking or a location-based device on your mobile phone, it may compromise your privacy and provide a clue that you are a therapy client due to your regular check-ins.

Separate Accounts: I have a professional social media account which is used solely for professional matters regarding my practice. I will not reveal any information about you on my professional account nor will I have an online relationship with you on my professional site. You are not expected to respond or comment on anything that I post. I will not respond to any comment you may have online. If you have a concern about anything I post, please make me aware of it during our next session so that it can be discussed.

Personal Account: I have a personal account which is separate from my professional account and is used for non-professional activities. No information about you will be posted on my personal nor professional account.

If you have any questions about my social media policy, please let me know. Should there be any changes to this policy, I will inform you.

Relationship Challenges

All couples and families have issues which impact their joy and create relational conflict. Very often one individual within the couple or family is viewed as being the problem in the relationship.  Bob helps couples and families to change their individualistic view of the challenges and create a more systemic understanding.

You Are Not Alone…

As a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor and EAP provider, Bob has more than 20 years of experience in guiding individuals on their journey of recovery. He believes that all individuals, during their journey through life, encounter challenges that impact their relationships and quality of life.

Courtesy Consultation

The first step will be to understand where you are coming from, and where you want, or need, to go. Let’s gather your information so that Bob can review and set up a 15-Minute Telephone Consultation. This will help Bob with a clear understanding of what is currently going on with you.

Breath In This Moment and
Exhale With Gratitude