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South Main Street Counseling is a clinical practice that fosters recovery from anxiety and depression and launches a new beginning of personal health and wellness. Living with anxiety and depression is a very human experience that can have a significant impact on our psychological, emotional and physical development. We can get anxious about upcoming events and social settings or depressed about loss, grief or career disappointments. The challenge is when anxiety and depression interfere with our activities of daily living and brings our lives to a screeching halt. That’s the time to seek help and start your recovery. Schedule an appointment with your Primary Care Provider and obtain a referral to a counseling professional  (www.robertwattscounseling.com ); this is the first big step to getting and staying well. 

Steps to Recovery

The steps to wellness and living in harmony with a diagnosis of anxiety or depression are simple. Eat well, sleep well, exercise well, build healthy relationships, avoid alcohol/recreational drugs and follow the suggestions of your counselor and doctors; it’s a life span commitment to this journey of total health and recovery. Truly an adventure into your total wellness. 

  • Work with your Primary Care Provider (PCP) to establish a solid understanding of your physical-psychological-emotional health.
  • Get a referral from your clinical care provider for a counselor and get evaluated for anxiety or depression.
  • Meet and interview a licensed counselor who offers a positive goal-oriented program towards the treatment of your anxiety and depression.
  • Develop a routine of wellness practices that can be integrated slowly and meaningfully over time.

Managing and reducing depression and anxiety symptoms

Now we want to explore wellness options. Finding ways to live and thrive in the swamps of anxiety and depression can be tricky and often require professional support to include regular sessions with a licensed counselor ( www.robertwattcounseling.com ). Additionally seeking assistance from other professionals to assist with nutrition and exercise.

Some things to look for in establishing a wellness practice to help manage your anxiety and depression:

  • Start slow and easy – success comes in small steps.
  • Work with licensed professionals, counselors, wellness trainers and doctors.
  • Participate in support groups – Examples are Faith Communities, Hobby Groups, Hiking Clubs, Social Anxiety Groups and Recovery Programs. Your counselor can assist with locating support groups.
  • Work with your PCP if you have any physical limitations- you might need some physical therapy first or a weight management program.
  • Be informed – use social media to network or join special groups to discuss wellness and health
  • Remember all Wellness Programs are focused on body, mind and spirit– try to develop a lifestyle of health and wellness over time for the best results.

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