Make the most of your home during the Pandemic

Learning to make your house a home, an office, and an entertainment center during the Pandemic

Welcome to the new digital revolution. If you thought Y2K was going to be wild, you ain’t seen nothing yet.  With that said, we currently find our homes a haven of technology, digital living, and loads of opportunities for learning, working, creating a recreational environment. As a result, we have all been tasked to adjust to a change in routine, a temporary shift that will no doubt have an impact on our life journey. All career sectors are rapidly moving to a more enhanced digital realm, working remotely, working collaboratively with cloud-based solutions and working right from the kitchen. Now begins the commitment to keep growing personally and work through those tough emotional and psychological issues that are negatively impacting our growth and relationships. 

Learn three approaches to digital living to help manage stress during a crisis.

  1. First things first- get your house in order and plan your technology integration carefully. Slow and steady helps to reduce stress. There will be a never-ending supply of new Apps, Social Media, and remote work; “easy does it” as technology continues to evolve.
  2. After navigating some new technology like telemedicine, video chatting or online school – Celebrate and recognize your accomplishment and achieving your goals. In times of uncertainty, it’s important to affirm our achievements. 
  3. After you roll out the new digital platforms explore the features and functions of that program – build your confidence one click at a time and see if you can integrate these changes into meaningful helpful ways. 

Did you know that many healthcare resources are available on-line?

Now you are building momentum to fully explore living, working and studying from your home during this health crisis. The Pandemic is real, and the challenges can be overwhelming. The goal is to work a program of wellness that slows and prevents feelings of distress, anxiety or depression. Make good use of your health insurance plans and resources. Many employers offer short term counseling and other wellness programs through an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Consider contacting your EAP to learn how they may help you during this stressful period. Take advantage of the telemedicine features especially for counseling. Many therapists and counselors are utilizing telemedicine during this pandemic. The more you embrace a positive attitude during this pandemic or just life, the better your quality of wellness can be. Here is a list of some of the additional healthcare and clinical solutions that are thriving during this pandemic. 

  • Telemedicine appointments
  • Fitness Classes
  • Yoga and Martial Arts
  • Meditation
  • Health Education Blogs
  • Social Media Groups

Learn positive stress management meditation.

One of our greatest assets is our ability to consciously guide our respirations. Staying connected to our breathing is the most useful and powerful tool we have as humans. Mindful attention to our rate and rhythm of breathing is powerful medicine; and is a bodily function we can control and manage. The easiest meditation to explore is the method of our full attention to our breathing. Focus on the rate and depth of your breaths. If your thoughts drift, come back to inhalation and stay with this breathing exercise for 3-5 minutes. Each time you feel your anxiety or worry approach, take a deep breath and let go into the exhale. Sometimes a count of 4 with each inhale and a count of 6 with each exhale may help our mind stay attentive to this exercise.

Explore the positive benefits of meditation.  

  1. Mindfulness at the moment
  2. Lower blood pressure
  3. Focused mind
  4. Reduced anxiety
  5. Increased energy and awareness

Learn more positive tools and information at

Robert Watts Counseling is located in Pennington NJ and offers safe in-office visit as well as online via Google Meet.

Make the most of your home during the Pandemic Contents

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